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Tanie Łącze jest wspólnym przedsięwzięciem realizowanym, zarządzanym, i finansowanym oddolnie przez członków KIKE oraz firmy partnerskie. Projekt opiera się na:

- zestawieniu i utrzymaniu transmisji pomiędzy węzłami uczestników Taniego Łącza w oparciu o zasoby własne lub podmiotów trzecich;

- udostępnieniu innym uczestnikom Taniego Łącza możliwości zestawiania transmisji L2 (vlan) do wybranych punktów docelowych Taniego Łącza w oparciu o posiadane wolne zasoby transmisyjne.

W ramach projektu możliwe jest zestawienie transmisji do przeszło 200 węzłów z obszaru całego kraju. W 2015 r. prowadzona jestweryfikacja listy dostępnych w projekcie węzłów i połączeń między nimi.

Część węzłów projektu juicers best oferuje szereg usług dodatkowych, poza tranzytem L2 między uczestnikami projektu.


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Comparing National and Personal Security

Comparing National and Personal Security

Why national protection is more important than personal security.

What if national secureness was gone tomorrow? Some people would automatically assume the most severe.Although we wouldn’t get invaded by another region in a month or be any longer apt to be attacked as a country,the persons of America would be in significant amounts of danger.

When a natural disaster strikes a populated area,the first persons to react are firefighters,paramedics,and cops.Even in the event of the area being totally leveled,they still need to keep order and keep carefully the civilians secure.Without them,most people who happen to be stranded or in want would never be determined or die,although many times civilians help in search and rescue.It’s evident that American emergency companies plays the defining function of just how many people survive an all natural disaster,and so are employes of the federal government,even if their fork out originates from taxpayers.Besides wanting to help its people,the sole reason the United Says government would have to send help civilians after a disaster is countrywide security,which may be the belief that the government and parliaments should guard its people through several means and powers.

Of all of the powers Congress has,the many they have must do is with nationwide security,like investigations and declaring war,so it is apparent that national reliability is important to the United States government.But with great power comes superb responsibility.A natural reaction to the United States government protecting its people from crisis is certainly going too much. Luckily,there are constraints to what they can do.For example,the 4th amendment stops the government or government staff from searching your body,belongings,home or additional possessions without reasonable trigger or a warrant from a judge and the 5th allows the proper to remain silent.Even in situations like executive order 9066 (japanese american civilians locked up after Pearl Harbor) or Guantanamo Bay (prisoners tortured after and for details on 9/11) where personal rights were crushed under a shoe of national security,it was all in an attempt to keep the people safe.Yes,the two 2 two events above were horrible and should have never happened,however the intents were still great.

In 1915,german submarines sunk a USA ship,leading Congress to declare battle on Germany,showing a successful national reliability response as Germany got killed Us citizens and were a danger to the nation.Similarly,after the assault on Pearl Harbor Congress once more declared war in a reply to a risk to national protection.When 9/11 occurred various inactive veterans would step back on the battlefield since the strike on the Trade Towers was a national crisis,falling under a nationwide security matter.If the government had not reacted in the manner they did,there could have been a lot more attacks like the ones above.

Not every event where national reliability overtakes personal rights is bad. Whenever a shooter and his wife were killed after killing 14 persons in San Bernardino, the FBI recovered an Iphone in one of the bodies.If they demanded Apple, the prominent company which makes the phones, to greatly help them crack the phone by making a rear door,they said no. If they have help,they could include potentially saved lives, but there personal to declare no prevented that, stopping the FBI from undertaking their jobs because the phone could have helped they find more shooters/information.

Many people are also skeptical of national security because of how top secret and over powered they believe that it is. But this is not necessarily the case. No matter if everyone on the planet saw and recorded someone blowing up a building,the terrorist would nonetheless have to right to a trial in the usa and someone would need to prove, with out a reasonable uncertainty, that he did in fact inflate the building, in line with the 5th amendment of the United States constitution. Also to make it also harder for national security,as a result of same amendment, the terrorist won’t need to testify against himself/herself, so all of the evidence must come from someone/something else.Much criticism of national reliability comes from the secrecy and the reluctance of america government to release information to the public.Although it is only proper for a country’s persons to fully know of the issues plaguing national security,many times the secrecy is absolutely necessary.It is to ensure that Unied States methods and analysis of getting and decoding information aren’t revealed to other countries.For instance,on July 17 1950, at the peak of USA fear Julius Rosenberg was arrested for allegedly passing Russian secrets to Russia.About a month later his wife was arrested as well.They He performed for the United States Army Signal Corps and was an engineer, making him seem ordinary.Throughout their trial however, a majority of the evidence presented was poor and didn’t seem to be to be nearly enough to send them to the electric power seat for the crimes they seemed to not need done.But practically forty years following the trial,evidence that was categorized at the time was released to the public,revealing that the United States had been hearing in on Russian transmissions and Julius Rosenberg (wife’s role still unknown) had in fact been offering Atomic secrets to Russia.If the United States government had released the info through the trial to the public to appeal to their personal right to understand if the Rosenbergs had been basically guilty or not,the Russians could have known that they were being listened directly into and america could have lost any future oppertunities to assemble any infromation.Additionally it is important to note that the Rosenbergs have prevented death by admitting with their espionage.

Even with some of the necessary secrecy, National reliability still isn’t as top secret as most people think it to end up being.In america,about one level four million people have access to top secret facts.Although this sounds frightening, contradictory to general public assumption, top secret is not the best level of secret information.There are multiple degrees of sensitive information clearance greater than ” inside info ” including sensitive compartment information and special access definition of a grant programs.

In the end, national security is considerably more important than personal privileges because without it, the government would have little reason to greatly help its persons and would most likely end up working for itself rather than their people.


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